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Achieve Your Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life

Raanckee is a financial wellness brand that focuses on the financial structure of families and businesses by offering diverse education and support. We help you understand where you are and nurture you to where you would like to be financially in your life or business.

Your Financial Health Matters

Let’s talk about where your financial health is currently and where you would like to be.

Do you feel your family has unhealthy money habits?

Are you worried your lack of knowledge is hindering your progress?

I am here to help! We will lay out all of the issues and goals and create a plan of action to propel you and your family forward for generations to come.

Returns Are Based On You

I am here to educate but you are the only person in control of what the information does for your family. All results vary and should not be associated with the accreditation of my knowledge but the levels of your own person implementation.

Meet Aunjane!

Aunjane “AJ” Johnson is a wife, mother and entrepreneur born and raised in Texas. She is the CEO/Founder of Raanckee & Associates LLC.

She aims to:

1. Stop families from splitting over financial stress.

2. Bridge the gap for the lack of collective family financial education.

3. Assist others to understand and acquire legitimate assets even if they don’t believe they can afford it.