Raanckee is a financial wellness brand that focuses on the financial structure of families and businesses by offering diverse education and support. We help you understand where you are and nurture you to where you would like to be financially in your life or business.


Our founder

Aunjane “AJ” Johnson is a mother of 6, wife and CEO of  Raanckee & Associates LLC;  A Private Money Brokerage & Multi-Level Financial Services Company with a focus on young adults, teenagers, children and their parents by offering international programs, coaching, asset knowledge and subscriptions to aid the lack of financial literacy education in our communities. Financial Wellness amongst families is her passion and area of expertise by certification, licensing and experience.

She aims to:

Stop families from splitting over financial stress.

Bridge the gap for the lack of collective family financial education.

Assist others to understand and acquire legitimate assets even if they don’t believe they can afford it.