What Our Clients Say

Your success matters to me, here’s proof. 

When I started my experience with Aunjane I was terrified of money.

I felt like I was unable to save properly, like I was not able to ever have the life I wanted and I had no idea how to invest.

I had never thought about things like life insurance because as a single woman with no dependents I felt like it was not a priority.

From the first session Aunjane made me feel completely as ease with her. I could see how passionate she was and how much time and effort she was putting into the service she was providing me.

She made me feel so much more confident about my own financial habits and that I wasn’t actually doing as badly as I thought.

I found myself really looking forward to our sessions of which we did 2 x 45 minute sessions rather than 1 x 90 minute session a week because that worked much better for us.

I am so grateful to have done this work.

After 4 weeks of working together I now feel ready to start conversations with professionals about money without worrying about not knowing what they are talking about.

I feel ready to start an investment portfolio and I am looking into getting life insurance as this will be the perfect time for me to do so.

I am excited about the deeper understanding I now have about my spending and saving habits and I look forward to reaping the rewards of my hard work and hard earned money.

Aunjane definitely showed my that there really is a fun side to finances and I very much look forward to working with her again in the future.

-Ritsa C.

It was such a pleasure to work with Aunjane’.

She is a warm, friendly and caring individual who truly listens in order to understand her clients’ needs. She has a number of incredible skills and was able to help me not only personally but professionally, as well. Aunjane’ wants you to thrive and her processes will change your life for the better. She is certified in Life, Financial and Business coaching which is a beautiful combination of services. I recommend her to help you overcome whatever is holding you back.

– Jen

Aunjane was so much fun to work with.

She made me feel amazing about my current financial situation and opened my eyes to so many different ways to improve and prepare for the future. I look forward to working with her and celebrating the successes we will have together. Angie

Before working with Aunjane I struggled with finding balance in my life, business, and finances.

Aunjane first helped me start implementing a nightly self-care routine to help me get better sleep so I could begin to think more clearly during the day. She helped me prioritize my business objectives and find solutions to my financial challenges that align with my true passion instead of just finding something to do to make money in the short term. I now have more energy, clarity, and excitement as a pursue my goals in business and in life in general! Love, Bre

Aunjane completely changed my entire outlook on money!

She is absolutely amazing to work with, is always there when you need her, and she’s beyond the greatest person to have in your corner! She made me feel so empowered with my money instead of afraid of it! -Veronica

So I was onboard Aunjane’s shadow work and boy oooo boy, did I discover things about myself and start growing inside me!!!!

Aunjane is the perfect person to just have a conversation with, she is very easy to talk to and has a way to break down walls and you just open up to her. I really enjoyed my work with her and would recommend her service with an open and happy heart.