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We have limited our lending partners to a maximum of 10 per category to avoid multiple submissions and credit discrepancies. We only work with companies who offer soft inquiry pre-approvals to protect your current credit score. 

Putting your Investment to work

Obligating your funds to secure your future by developing a diverse income/ investment portfolio is a foolproof way to gain control over your wallet and stability. Lets bridge the gap and change the narrative for you!

Investment Automation

Here is a list of starter investment platforms that will help you kickstart your journey to a diverse investment portfolio. This is only a minor step in the wealth arena. You must learn how to preserve and protect your wealth, implement tax protected strategies and set up your legacy and retirement plans. We have the licensing, resources and partnerships to help with all of these areas. 


A long term investment option offering high quality private real estate investments at a low cost with dividend and auto reinvestment options

Visit the investment platform here.

Ground Floor

Visit the investment platform here. 


Visit the investment platform here.


Visit the investment platform here.


Visit the investment platform here.


I am not a financial advisor these are simply platforms I have vetted and watched reviews on and felt the information was reputable enough to share. Invest at your own risk and please only invest what you can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting small. 

 About Aunjane!

Aunjane “AJ” Johnson is a wife, mother and entrepreneur born and raised in San Antonio and Dallas Texas. She is the CEO And Founder of Raanckee & Associates LLC; a Financial Wellness Company with a direct focus on Financial Literacy, Starter Investments and Private Money Brokering Services for Real Estate Investors amongst other partnerships to help her international community become more financially literate and create a more diverse income portfolio. Her personal belief is wealth is fully attainable for those willing to Observe, Educate Themselves, Execute their knowledge and mature their mindset past their current situation and family history.