Yours Truly Aunjane

The Holistic Wellness Brand of Raanckee & Associates LLC


Yours Truly Aunjane is the Official Holistic Wellness Brand of Raanckee & Associates LLC  We focus On how we are able to manage the load that comes with running a multi level financial services company.

We focus on how our CEO is able to be a homeschooling mother of 6, a wife, take care of herself to nurture her identity, maintain a social life, and balance business obligations.

These daily actions are typically a topic of conversation in most of her meeting so she decided to create a personal brand around the curiosity and establish brand partnerships with reputable small businesses and local community vendors who would align with who she is. She is more than just a financial coach; she is actually a pretty well rounded holistic individual who loves herbs, art  creative design, poetry, music, fashion and genuinely helping others. 

Aunjane desires to work with families who resonate with her desire to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life.